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This rather difficult tour (hike) starts to be operated on the 1th November 2019


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This rather difficult tour (hike) starts to be operated on the 1th November 2019 . The main goal is giving everyone , also locals the opportunity to hike this amazing volcano on a daily base without minimum  … at a very accessible price and at the same time creating jobs to the local guides … there are 4 guides involved who will have at least 1 full week each a real payment !!! We go DAILY even with 01 person at only 15 USD $

BOOK NOW …. On the web and if you do so get also a 10 % discount on any other service you book through us (personally , in the office and paid in cash)

Santa María Volcano is a large active volcano at 3,772 m (12,375 ft) in the western highlands of Guatemala, in the Quetzaltenango Department near the city of Quetzaltenango.
The volcano was known as Gagxanul in the local K’iche’ language, before the 16th century Spanish Conquest of the region
It takes a difficult 4 hours to hike up and nearly the same time to come down . You will enjoy a look into the active volcano next door called Santiaguito !
Meet your guide before dawn prepared for a challenging half-day trek to the top of the Santa María Volcano. Take a short drive to the base of the volcano which is situated next to the small village of Llanos del Pinal. Embark on an early morning hike to reach the top of the fourth highest volcano on Guatemala, accompanied by your friendly and informative guide.

Reach the summit and enjoy the breathtaking view from the top of the Santa María. See numerous other volcanoes such as Tacana, Tajumulco, Chicabal, Lacandoìn, the volcanoes around Lake Atitlan as well as the volcanoes Acatenango, Fuego and Agua. This trek is especially popular because the top of the Santa Maria Volcano gives a perfect view down on the crater of the Santiaguito Volcano, one of the most active volcanoes in the world. The Santiaguito is the security valve of the bigger Santa Maria and is in constant eruption.

Return to Quetzaltenango after hiking back down the volcano in PUBLIC TRANSPORT (not included) . For a personalized experience look at the NON collective tour leaving at 5am or book a private tour


Availability: Every day
Departure times: 06:00 Hrs
Duration: 9 hours
Its a door to door Service? No
Pick up: Kiosk , central park in Quetzaltenango
Drop off: At the end of the hike you have to return on your own.
Price 15 USD
Included Transport one way in the early morning and guiding
Not included: Transport to return (but easy to find ) / Food, water and tips for the guide
What to bring Snacks, wáter , a bit of money to pay your return trip (public transport)

06:00 Hrs


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