• Finca El Cisne – Horseback riding (Day Trip)


    Finca El Cisne offers the most authentic taste of rural Honduran life. The finca has been owned and run by the same family for more than a century. Founded as a coffee plantation, today El Cisne raises cattle and horses in addition to producing cardamom, a variety of fruits and vegetables. El Cisne is known particularly for serving tasty home-cooked meals and for having some of the best horseback riding in Honduras.
    You can visit the finca as part of a day trip, but staying overnight is an excellent experience.


    Price description:        $85.00 Per person Minimum of 2 persons

    Duration:                     08:00 am to 06:00 pm

    Meals are served home style using seasonal fresh farm products
    Personalized trips can be arranged.

  • Enchanted Wings Butterfly House and Nature Exhibition


    Just outside town, on the road to Guatemala, this five-terrace greenhouse is home to over 30 species of local butterflies. There are also a variety of tropical plants, including nearly 200 different species of orchids. If you’re planning on taking a horseback ride from Copan, ask about including the Butterfly House as part of your itinerary.


    Price description:       $10.00 Entry per person

    Open:                          08:00 am to 16:00 pm

  • Macaw Mountain – Bird Watching

    Macaw Mountain – Bird Watching


    Bird lovers visiting Copan might be interested in checking out Macaw Mountain, a pleasant bird park and nature reserve five minutes outside the city. The park was founded by an American businessman in 2003 to house his collection of rescued parrots and toucans. As you might expect, the birds are rather tame and you should be able to get quite close to them. You will be able to top off your tour in the natural swimming pool right across the Forest
    Price description:        $10.00 Per person, $5.00 for kids between 4 and 10

    Open:                         08:00 am to 16:00 pm

    Included:                     Full tour with a bilingual guide

  • Los Sapos – Horseback Riding “Hacienda San Lucas”


    On the hilltops overlooking Copan you can find a small archaeological site. Traditionally referred to as the “birthing place”, studies suggest that the Mayans went to this particular place to give birth. It is currently located in the Hacienda San Lucas, a ranch that has been remodeled into a tourist center. Food and drinks are on offer, entry to the hacienda costs 30 L per person. The best way to see the site is by horseback


    Price description:       $30.00 per person

    Hours:                         09:00 am or 14:00 pm

    Duration:                     3 Hours

  • Hot Springs – Luna Jaguar


    An hour’s bumpy ride north of Copan you can find the pleasant hot springs of Luna Jaguar. If you head down to the river take care when getting in – the water from the spring is hot enough to inflict a serious burn. Look for a small pool just downstream where the spring mixes with cooler river water: this is the place to hang out.


    Price description:       $60.00 per person

    Hours:                         13:00 pm to 18:30 pm

    Availability:                 Everyday

  • The Graves


    Don’t miss this interesting place just because it is not situated on the main site – as this collection of many original homes offers a great insight into how the Mayans of Copan went about their daily lives. There are office buildings, homes with beds and tables, very impressive tombs and some nice carvings. The visit consists of a one-and-a-half-hour walk, which winds through the forest and passes mounds of yet-to-be excavated ruins. A guide is essential to learn about the way the Mayan of Copan lived and to make this trip worthwhile.


    Price description:       $30 Copan Ruinas ticket, guides are available for tips.
    Open:                          7 days a week from 8:00 am to 16:00 pm.

  • Museum of Maya Archeology


    This museum is an excellent place to learn more about the Mayan culture. If possible, we recommend visiting this museum before visiting the ruins, as to learn more about the Mayan culture and prepare yourself for the ruins. It takes about one-and-a-half hours to see the museum properly, although currently only the first half of the exhibits has English translation. The museum’s collection consists of original stelae, pottery and offerings, skeletons, jade-filled teeth, jade carvings and interesting information about the Mayan calendar and deciphering the hieroglyphics.


    Price: 7 USD p.p.
    Availability: Every day
  • Copan Museum of Sculpture


    This museum has been open on and off since 1999 and was closed until May 2006, to construct a new roof, which is now guaranteed to hold for at least 40 years. It houses several of the key stelae and altars that were found at the site, including the impressive main altar carved with all 16 kings of Copan.


    Price: 15 USD p.p.
    Availability: Every day
  • Ruins Copan Tour


    The Ruins at Copan are believed to have been inhabited by the Maya as early as 1200 BC and are now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Not as impressive in size as Tikal in Guatemala or pre-Columbian ruins in Mexico, the Copan Ruins nonetheless have some intricately carved stelae of former leaders and a well-preserved ball court. Excavation is still in process and some of the pyramids remain partially buried. The ball court of the Copan Ruins is one of the most impressive of all of the Maya sites.


    Price: 80 USD p.p. minimum 2 people
    Availability: Every day
    Departure time: 08:00 Hrs
    What to bring: A bottle of water sunblock, hat, comfortable walking shoes.
  • La Pintada – Horseback Riding


    Perched on a mountainside, La Pintada offers a spectacular panorama of the town of Copan Ruins and the main Mayan ruins just outside of town.

    Small garden plots of flowers and bananas or plantains surround the adobe, thatched houses. This is essentially a subsistence farming village inhabited by the Chorti Maya with the principal crops being corn and beans.

    Horses for all levels of riding ability are available. The hotel is located at the southeast corner of the central park. Take the morning ride and you will be back in time for lunch in town. Travel Tips: Wear shoes suitable for horseback riding, not sneakers or tennis shoes. Put on insect repellant.


    Price: 35 USD p.p. for 3 hours
    Availability: Every day
    Departure time: 08:00 Hrs to 17:00 Hrs (you choose the hour)