• Shuttle from Antigua Guatemala to Flores (collective)


    *The shuttle services need to be reserved 72 hours in advance

    • This is a straight shuttle service in a small mini van (22 seater) , Coaster . Not a pullman
    • There is one stop provided in RIO DULCE (after about 6 hours) in BACKPACKERS PLACE
    • Shuttle service DOES NOT drop off people in hotels in FLORES (forbidden locally)
    • The approximately arrival time in Flores is at 19 pm


    Availability: Every day
    Departure times: 08:00 Hrs
    Duration: 11 hours
    Its a door to door Service? Partial
    Pick up: Your hotel / address
    Drop off: The letters at the entrance of flores ” I love Peten “
    Price 35 USD
  • Shuttle from Antigua Guatemala to La ceiba, Honduras


    *The shuttle services need to be reserved 72 hours in advance

    • We can also bring you with the same shuttle to the crosspoint on the road to Quirigua or the crosspoint to Rio Dulce for only 40 USD per person
    • Under normal circumstances you can have the last boat (ferry) to Utila or Roatan … at 16.30 pm (Galaxy Wave )


    Availability: Monday, Wednesday & friday
    Departure times: 02:00 Hrs
    Duration: 13 hours
    Its a door to door Service? Yes
    Pick up: Your Hotel / address in Antigua
    Drop off: Your Hotel / address in Antigua
    Price: 75 USD / Minimum 2 persons
  • Shuttle Xela to Antigua


    *The shuttle services need to be reserved 72 hours in advance


    Availability: Every day.
    Departure times: 08:15 Hrs
    Departure point: Your Hotel / Address
    Duration: 3.30 hours
    Price: 30 USD p.p.
  • Surrounding Villages of Antigua


    Surrounding Villages of Antigua

    We will pay a visit to three interesting villages (pueblos) around Antigua.

    San Juan del Obispo
    Our first stop will be San Juan del Obispo, on the slopes of Volcano Agua. Here we will visit the temple, monastery and square of the first bishop of Guatemala, Francisco Marroquin. The village is famous for holding one of the first Catholic churches in Guatemala. Francisco Marroquin resided in San Juan del Obispo and still appears on our Q100 bill. San Juan del Obispo is a haven for artisans and is home to Guatemala’s best chocolatiers. For this reason, around Antigua, you will often see chocolate sold from San Juan del Obispo. We recommend supporting the local community during your visit to San Juan by purchasing the chocolate whilst there, which can also be considerably cheaper. Also, San Juan is known for a fruit called “nispero”, which comes in season in late October and November. In November an annual Festival del Nispero is held at the town’s main plaza to celebrate the start of the season. The festival lasts 2 days and is well worth a visit. Expect to see lively music, craftsman selling their wares from metals and woods, chocolates and Nispero wine.

    Ciudad Vieja
    Seven kilometers southwest of Antigua along the Escuintla road is Ciudad Vieja (Old City), near the site of the first capital of the Captaincy General of Guatemala. Founded in 1527, it met its demise 14 years later when Volcano Agua let loose a flood of water that had been penned up in its crater. The water deluged the town with tons of rock and mud, leaving only the ruins of La Concepción church. We will unfold to you the history of this town, which was the second city founded by Spanish in Guatemala. We will also visit the organic macadamia farm where you will learn about the many medical functions of the macadamia nut.

    San Antonio Aguas Calientes
    Last but not least, we visit the small picturesque town of San Antonio Aguas Calientes. This city was founded in 1528 and the majority of the population is Kaqchikel. One of Guatemala’s most well-known exports is traditional textiles, woven by Maya women, many who learn the craft from a very young age. As far as textiles go, the town of San Antonio Aguas Calientes (translated as San Antonio Hot Springs) has the best reputation for quality textiles. We will visit the textile co-operative market here where you will be able to view the Mayan women using a back strap loom to weave traditional patterns. You will also have the opportunity to shop and buy any gifts from this market that you would like, which additionally supports the local Mayan women’s Co-Operative. The handicrafts market also has a small museum that has traditional dresses on display of most major regions in Guatemala, and is very much worth a visit. The tour ends in the jade factory, where you can learn about the different types of jade and the history of jade in Guatemala and understand how long it takes to make just one piece. To the ancient Maya, jade represented things like maize (corn), the wind, breath and the soul. They made jade into belts, nose decorations, mosaic masks, tooth inserts, beads and ear spools (a kind of earring that looks like a spool). They also worked jade into “celts” – a kind of axe-head. As for decoration, designs representing flowers were popular for jade jewelry. The jade is cut and polished in the factory by local Guatemalan workers who follow the carving traditions of their ancestors.

    Availability: Every day
    Departure times: 08:00 am and 02:00 pm
    Departure point: Your hotel/address
    Duration: Approx. 4 hours
    Price: 30 USD p.p. – 3 persons or more
    40 USD p.p. – minimum 2 persons
    Included: Spanish-speaking guide, return transport from Antigua, entrance fees.
    +10 USD per group for an English-speaking guide

    What to Bring: comfortable clothes and shoes, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, personal items, camera, some extra money

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  • Tikal National Park


    You will be picked up early at your hotel to take the just over 1 hour domestic flight to Flores Petén. On arrival, a member of our staff will pick you up and take you to a place where you can have breakfast (not included). From there we take you to the world famous UNESCO site of Tikal National Park, an UNESCO world cultural heritage site since 1979.
    Tikal’s national park covers an area of 57,000 hectares and was an ancient Maya civilization’s complex dating back to 600 BC. There are over 3,000 separate buildings dating from 600 BC to AD 900, including temples, residences, religious monuments decorated with hieroglyphic inscriptions and tombs. Decades of archaeological work have uncovered most of the major buildings, although a good portion of the original city is still awaiting excavation. There are many pyramids, temples, and palaces waiting for you to be explored. Highlights include the Plaza of Seven Temples, the Palace at the Central Acropolis and the Lost World complex. Besides the fact that the ruins themselves are fascinating, the natural beauty of Tikal National Park and its surroundings will captivate you. The rainforests around Tikal are beautiful and home to many birds and animals, including parrots, toucans, and monkeys. In the tour you will visit the Complexes Q and R, the Temples IV and V, the Lost World and The Main Plaza with the Temples I and II and the Ruler´s Palace.  After the tour you will take lunch (included) inside the park. Then you will be taken to Mundo Maya Airport Flores for the return flight back to Guatemala City, where a member of our staff will be waiting for you and bring you back to Antigua Guatemala.


    Every day

    Departure times:

    03:30 Hrs

    Departure point:

    Your hotel or homestay


    The whole day


    425 USD


    Competent bilingual guide, entrance fee, transportation from/to Flores, lunch (no drinks), domestic flight ticket RT, private shuttle from/to Antigua RT

    What to Bring:

    Comfortable clothes and shoes, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, water, camera, some extra money

  • Tour in Mulas.


    Tour in Mulas (1 hour)


    This one-hour stroll is an entertaining tour of La Alameda Doña Elisa, covering the winding paths between coffee plantations and the shady trees of the “La Gravilea” coffee.

    Following these trails you will come to an idyllic area located on the slopes of a mountain known as “Sheet”. The tour ends with a cup of the best coffee in the world produced at Finca Filadelfia, the Old Genuine, in the preparation of your choice: American or espresso.

    Hours: Monday to Saturday from 09:00 AM to 4:00 PM. $ 25.00 Rate

  • Tour of Lake Atitlán in one day


    Tour of Lake Atitlán in one day
    Visit the most beautiful lake of the world and three surrounding villages in one day!

    The tour starts 05:30 with a group transfer that takes you from Antigua to Panajachel. We arrive at Panajachel at 08:30, and at 09:15 we will depart de dock by boat to visit three villages around the lake.

    The first town we visit is San Juan la Laguna, a very calm village with a Tzutujil population. Here you can find dozens of female-run weaving Co-Operatives, producing beautiful textiles according to time-honored methods passed down through generations, often using organic local cotton and natural dyes. You will also find delicious chocolate, natural and organic shampoo, soaps, other toiletries, as well as many beautiful paintings and art galleries. The best part of purchasing some of these natural products or local art is that profits are injected right back into the community, where it is most needed.

    Our second stop is at San Pedro la Laguna, where you can enjoy a true Guatemalan coffee and learn about the whole process of altitude- and volcanic coffee. The coffees here developed are known for their clean sweetness and sparkling acidity, due to the combination of rich volcanic soil and good elevation. Atitlan’s soil is rich with organic matter; about 90% of coffee in Atitlan is cultivated along volcanic slopes that surround Lake Atitlan. After our little coffee break we will visit the local market and church of San Pedro.

    At 12:30pm we have a one hour lunchbreak (lunch is not included), after which we continue our tour to Santiago Atitlán. Santiago Atitlán is the largest village surrounding the lake and counts with the largest Tzutuhil population. It is also home to one of the altars of Saint Maximon, San Simon or Ri Laj Mam, as he is affectionately known. Maximon is a Native American saint who originated from the Mayan Tzutujil tribe in Santiago Atitlan. Maximom is now know all over the world and attracts worshippers in need of divine intervention, miracles or simple aid in day-to-day problems. Help is given wherever needed, whether the request is a good or a bad one. After having paid a visit to Maximon, we will walk to the formidable parish church that was built by the Franciscans in the mid-16th century. We then go back to the dock, passing a street full of artisan shops where you can buy your last souvenirs.

    Traveling from town to town, one can witness the changes between regions and villages (pueblos) by the patterned designs and styles of the women’s blouses and skirts. Each one is representative of an area or town. Even the men in some areas, such as Santiago Atitlan, still use their traditional clothing that includes special hats and knee-length pants decorated with birds.

    At 15:00 pm we return to the pier in Panajachel and at 16:00 pm collective transfer will take you from Panajachel back to Antigua.



    Availability: Every day
    Departure times: 05:30 Hrs
    Duration: Full day
    Its a door to door Service? Yes
    Pick up: Your hotel or homestay
    Drop off: Your hotel or homestay
    Price 100 USD
    Included All ground and water transportation in collective, bilingual guide
    Not included: Food and tips
    What to bring Comfortable clothes and shoes, sunglasses, sunscreen, water, camera, some extra money