Guatemala is a multi-faceted country with a lively culture and long living tradition. Guided by Guatemala expert Shadi Henau, spiritual travel guide Kilian Bodhi Ameen and local Maya-shaman Don Francisco Puac we set out to discover the rich history of this fascinating place.

 The first week of our immersion into the Maya history and culture, involves getting accustomed to the place and feeling comfortable with its culture. We will mainly just enjoy the beauties Guatemala has to offer, be together and share our experiences, and allow for our first impressions to sink in.

We will start of the trip in the old colonial capital Antigua and then travel West to the old Kaqchikel capital of Iximche, where we meet up with Francisco Puac and ritually open the journey. The remainder of the first week we will spend at the magical Atitlan Lake. Here we will be introduced to the basics of Maya Cosmovision through four three-hour workshops led by Francisco. Apart from this introduction you will have plenty of time to discover the breathtaking, natural surroundings of the lake, relax, or undertake other personal activities such as visiting nearby villages and writing about your first experiences to your beloved ones back home. An optional group program will be available. Besides, everybody will have the opportunity to receive a personal astro-energetic reading and energy clearing from Don Francisco.

At the end of the first week we visit the National Guatemalan Archaeological Museum and continue our journey to Flores in the Northern department of Peten, where most of the Maya temples are situated.

The second week of our spiritual journey will be dedicated to exploring the Maya cities in the North of Guatemala. The old Maya temples we find here are places of profound value and knowledge, providing us with access to the ancestral knowledge of its culture. The temples function as a mirror that can activate our own inner knowing of ancestral information. Our visits will be ceremonially led by Don Francisco.

We start off this second week at the Petexbatun lagoon, where we will find a number of smaller, relatively untouched ruins hidden in the jungle. We visit the temples on foot and by boat. A couple of days later we set off to El Remate, a village at the shores of Lake Peten Itza, famous for its lovely sunsets. This is an excellent base to visit the nearby ruins of Tikal, Uaxactun and Yaxha, Tikal being the most popular of all Guatemalan Maya cities. Uaxactun and Yaxha are beautiful and interesting too, yet they are less visited by tourists. At some of the archeological sites we will be guided by a local guide, though Don Francisco will ceremonially lead the group through all the visits following the energies of the Mayan calendar. In total we visit six temples during this trip with an optional seventh visit to El Mirador for those who take the 22-day program. Later in this document you will find more in-depth information about El Mirador.



After having visited the ruins of Yaxha, we continue to the charming colonial town of Flores, which is situated on a peninsula in the lake of Peten Itza. We finish our spiritual journey with a last ceremony  and prepare for the return  flight to Guatemala City on Friday night.

Those who choose to take part in the third week jungle adventure, take off on Saturday morning to El Mirador. After the five day hike we take a day to relax in the thermal hot springs of Santa Teresita to top off the experience.


On this group journey traditional Maya-priest Francisco Puac will guide us through the temples and history of this country, backed by his natural connection to Spirit and his knowledge of the Maya Cosmovision. Kilian and Shadi host lectures and translate during ceremonies and workshops. They facilitate the experience and support the group process in its transformation.

This trip is a unique opportunity to get in touch with the history of a traditional country, and to immerse ourselves in a culture deeply rooted in ancestral knowledge.


Are you looking for a spiritual experience which is slightly out of the box? Do you like traveling in a group and feel like venturing into the unknown in a calm, respectful and supported way? Do you feel ready to set aside your current view of the world and temporarily immerse yourself in another culture with another world view? Do you like exploring and traveling around without following a stressful schedule, and do you like evolving together as a group? Then this journey is exactly what you are looking for.

Our Vision

Our Vision

We are offering this experience from a social and cultural position of sustainability and co-creation, and so we carefully select all the hotels and partner organizations. We strive to have our presence benefit the local culture as much as possible. Both culturally and ecologically we aim to limit our footprint and choose to cooperate with local, small-scale, and socially engaged businesses and organizations.

Most of the visited temples and ruins are out of the main tourist route. This way we aim to offer you an authentic, valuable and rich experience.



Language: Don Francisco hosts all of his workshops and ceremonies in Spanish.

Shadi and Kilian translate into English.

  Included in the price, depending of the number of people:

– Airport transfers to and from Guatemala city airport

– All accommodation in socially engaged, upper mid-range hotels

– All transportation except for personal activities

– Domestic return flight Guatemala city-Flores Peten

– All breakfasts and dinners (except 22nd day dinner) and some of the lunches

– Entrance to all attractions and tours

– Guides and facilitator payments

not included:

– International flight to and from Guatemala City – La Aurora International

– Drinks and personal expenses

– Travel insurance

– Tips

– Personal sessions with Don Francisco Puac

– Supplement for a private room (€300/€400 p.p. only available after inquiry)

El Mirador

El Mirador

The visit to the Mirador ruins are intended to top off our ‘pilgrimage’ through modern-day spiritual Guatemala. El Mirador is the biggest and one of the oldest of all Maya cities and remains rarely visited. The highest pyramid is roughly 70 meters/250 ft. tall and offers a breathtaking panoramic view over the Peten jungle, all the way to Mexico.

El Mirador is located at about 50 kilometers/30 miles North of Carmelita, the northernmost town in Guatemala. It can only be reached either by helicopter or on foot, via a well-maintained trail through the jungle. As a result, a visit to the ruins is undoubtedly a marvelous experience, both because of the effort required to get there as well as the possibility to experience the temples without the presence of many tourists. We are offering this optional third week for those who like to venture off the beaten path and are adventurous in nature. The excursion is not necessarily difficult in terms of hiking because the landscape is mostly flat, but requires a certain effort and some willpower because of the basic conditions. The hike to get there takes about two days and we spend a full day (two nights) at the ruins. The city itself has a diameter of roughly 15 kilometers/10 miles but remains largely unexcavated. The fourth and fifth day we return to Carmelita and back to the quaint colonial town of Flores to relax.


Further info concerning the hike: we spend the night in the safety of a tented camp in the jungle and there will be ample opportunity to observe its untouched plants and animal life. We will see and hear monkeys, a whole array of different birds and possibly wild cats. There is very little water in this area, which means showering will not be possible. We have the possibility to drink filtered rain water, but prefer taking with us bottled spring water. This water as well as our (minimal) luggage will be carried by mules. We only carry a small day pack while hiking. Meals are basic and are prepared by a cook. An extra mule is always adjacent in case someone has difficulties walking, in which case that person can ride the mule for as long as it might be necessary.


All in all a true expedition, which, for those who feel the calling, will offer a once-in-a-lifetime experience to top off this already very complete group journey.


  • Don Francisco Puac

Don Francisco is a spiritual teacher and has been an active leader in education and development aid with indigenous groups for over 45 years. He leads ceremonies and, together with his family, runs a school in Maya culture and Spanish language in San Pedro la Laguna. He studies and lives the Maya astro-spiritual vision and is a representative in many different organizations such as the National Guatemalan Strategic Committee of Education. He will guide us through the basic principles of the Mayan Cosmovision and will be the main facilitator for the ceremonies at the temples. Don Francisco’s 45 year of experience in the field and natural ancestral connection, form the center piece of this trip.


Kilian Bodhi Ameen

Kilian was born in the Netherlands but has been living and working in Germany for over 20 years. After having finished his studies he worked at his father’s spiritual center and started to pave his way through the esoteric landscape of the 80s and 90s. He worked together with Tom Kenyon and Drunvalo Melchizedek, whose legendary Flower of Life workshop he taught for more than 15 years as well as Shamanism. During that period he also started to offer spiritual group travels to India, England, Egypt, Scotland, the Bahamas and the Azores. Kilian’s life long experience with and his fascination for the ancestral knowledge of this Earth are key elements in this trip, and they easily incite a field of fascination in any group he guides during his travels.


Shadi Henau

Shadi is originally from Belgium and has been living in Guatemala for the past three years. He traveled around Latin America, India and the US for five years during which he trained to be a Yoga teacher and Reiki Master. He sat in many Cacao ceremonies and has facilitated a number of them over the past few years in Mexico, Guatemala, Belgium and Holland. Right now he focuses on bodywork, dance, movement and Shamanism and mainly works as a massage therapist. He is building a community living project in Guatemala and recently started hosting retreats and group travels. Shadi is intuitive and his sensitive presence supports the group transformational process during this trip.