Quetzaltenango is big, like its name – which the locals kindly shorten to Xela (shell-ah), itself an abbreviation of the original Quiché Maya name, Xelajú – but by Guatemalan standards, it is an orderly, clean and safe city. It tends to attract a more serious type of traveler – people who really want to learn Spanish and then stay around and get involved in the myriad volunteer projects on offer.

Xela also functions as a base for a range of spectacular hikes through the surrounding countryside – the ascent to the summit of Volcán Tajumulco (Central America's highest point) and the three-day trek to Lago de Atitlán,to name a few.

Antigua Guatemala 31 January 2017

Pacaya Volcano

Pacaya is by far the most popular volcano to climb in Guatemala, and not without good reason.

The volcano is easy to climb and gives the opportunity to climb an active volcano. On clear days you can see the volcanos Agua, Fuego and Acatenango. If you arrive at the top of the Pacaya you can smell the sulfur, feel the heat and you have a good chance to actually see lava.


Availability Every day
Departure times 06:00 am and 02:00 pm
Departure point Your hotel/address
Duration Approx. 6 hours
Price 20 USD p.p.

Spanish-speaking guide

  Return transport from Antigua
  Entrance fees


Peten 03 October 2016


crocodiles night

From Flores (Peten) we travel to the Laguna Macanche (45 min), we offer a tour boat at night to discover  the dark red eyes crocodile from  Peten.

Included Dinner and living with local families.

 Transportation, guide, boat and entrance fees are included. Check Out: 6.00pm Duration: 3 hours P


Peten 03 October 2016

Tikal Two day (Low budget)

tikal 02

You can visit Tikal on a day trip with a low budget.

Day 1

If you are in Antigua, you will be transported to the domestic airport in Guatemala city at 4:00 am (door to door) (**). If you are already in Guatemala city, there is no need for this, you can just take a taxi from the hotel. Ask the driver to bring you to the TAG TERMINAL / DOMESTIC AIRPORT (Avenida Hincapie).

The domestic flight leaves at 06.30 am and arrives at approximately 07.15 am. You will be picked up at 07:30 am in collective transport to go to Tikal. You will arrive at approximately 09:00 am. At 09:30 am, you will start the guided walking tour with a bilinguäl guide, it will last about 3,5 hours.

tikal 01

After the included lunch, you will have a free afternoon in Tikal. At night, you will stay at one of the three hotels in the park (Tikal Inn, Jaguar Inn or Jungle Lodge). Enjoy the night with the sounds of the jungle.

Day 2

After the breakfast, which is also included, you will have some free time. Early in the morning, at 04:00 am, we can organise a sunrise tour for you, this is not included in the package.

Lunch is not included today and between 03:15 pm and 03:30 pm, you will be leaving to the airport of Flores where you will arrive around 05:00 pm. (***)

The flight leaves 06:30 pm and arrives in Guatemala around 07:15 pm. If you will be staying in Antigua, there is collective transport at 07:30 pm. (**) If you will be staying in Guatemala-City, you can just ask the people behind the TAG counter to call a taxi.

tikal tours guatemala

(*) If flights leave late, we cannot be held responsible.
(**) Also availble in private (45 US$ for vehicle 1-3 persons)
(***) Also possible to stay in Flores and return the next day to Guatemala-City. You can decide in which hotel you stay and you can add the value of the hotel to the price.


Peten 03 October 2016



In these tours, you will be able to see the pre-classic archeological site of Uaxactun. It was the first astronomy observatory studied in the Mayan area and it is now the last traditional Petenera community. They have been living in harmony with the forest since the beginning of 1900.

The tours are organized by the community. When you participate, you are helping to generate local income, improve the living conditions of the local inhabitants and contribute to the conservation of cultural and natural heritage.

The Guardians of the Forest


The community offers 21 Community guides in Spanish, has 4 restaurants with a capacity of 30 persons each, 1 hotel with a capacity of 15 persons and 10 family campings with capacity to accommodate towards 30 persons. Come to walk, enjoy and discover Uaxactun, it's forest culture, its stories, its millenary buildings and the rest of one of the most important cities of the Mayan civilization.


Description of the tours:


The location is in the heart of the Maya world, close to an international airport, on the road to the border with Belize and only 5 hours away from Palenque.




  • Trained cooks
  • Pack mules
  • Camping equipment: hammocks with mosquito nets and/or tents with sleeping bags
  • First aid kit and antiofidic serum
  • You will need to bring
  • Suitable walking shoes
  • Insect repellent
  • Rain-coat
  • Lanterns
  • Personal prescription medicine
  • Hat or cap
  • Personal hygiene products



Cool pants (no jeans), long-sleeved shirts or blouses in light colors, raincoat, lightweight but strong shoes or boots, repellent against ticks, hat, binoculars, flashlight with extra batteries, water bottle, backpack small to wear during the walk, soft socks (at least to change every day), camera, knife, plastic bags to put your dry clothes in your backpack (in case of rain), personal medications.


Peten 03 October 2016

The Green Trail of the Jaguar


It's a touristic trail that is located inside the Mayan Reserve in Petén. There is a mayor precense of jaguars and other species according to scientific studies. There exist as well archeological traces of the Maya culture.

The organization is a community project which realizes sustainable managing of natural resources. They have 65 860 hectares of forest. It benefits 196 associates.


Description of the tours:

We offer you a lot of flora and fauna. Obviously it will be an adventurous tour. One possible tour is 3 days and 2 nights long. It's a combination of archeology and nature. It's a train in which you could see the majestic jaguar. You can visit the camping Yeloch, the archeological sites El Pilar, Witzna and la Honradez. The trek is full of flora, fauna, archeology and colours that appear to be a real rainbow in the jungle. The trek starts and ends in Melchor de Mencos. Melchor de Mencos was founded in 26 april 2016.


Cool pants (no jeans), long-sleeved shirts or blouses in light colors, raincoat, lightweight but strong shoes or boots, repellent against ticks, hat, binoculars, flashlight with extra batteries, water bottle, backpack small to wear during the walk, soft socks (at least to change every day), camera, knife, plastic bags to put your dry clothes in your backpack (in case of rain), personal medications.


Peten 03 October 2016

El Zotz Jungla batz

zots guatemala peten 01

El Zotz is a Mesoamerican archaeological site of the pre-Columbian Maya civilization,  It is so called because of the large number of bats living in caves in the nearby cliffs

Day 1

zots guatemala peten 03 

07:30  Arrival at Cruces Dos Aguadas 65 kms from Flores (*).  This is where our journey begins. A local assistant will prepare the pack horses. If requested ahead of time, we can also provide extra horses. (to ride)

08:00   The 4-hour trail to Zotz is quite a windy road, with dense foliage and lively spider monkeys. We are walking through the jungle .

12:30  Stop for a box lunch along the way to El Zotz.                                               

13:30  Trek through the Biotope.

17:30  Arrival at camp site near a patrol station.

We walk to the base of a bat cliff (about 500 meters from the camp) to observe hundreds of thousands of bats leaving their cave dwellings in the cliff for a night of foraging. Bat falcons can also be seen, diving at a high speed into the streams of bats as they hunt for their prey.

Bats are one of the most important elements in the reproduction of the rainforest. In one single night, a fruit bat can disperse the seeds of a tree along many square kilometers; nectar-eating bats also help the pollination of many other plant species.

The bats make for an incredible and exciting experience, fully charged with the vitality of nature.

Evening Dinner is a hearty meal – including fresh, hot tortillas – is prepared by your guide over a wood fire. Friendly conversation with the members of the expedition and the always helpful staff of the patrol station make for a pleasant evening in the jungle.

(*) TRANSPORT from FLORES to DOS AGUADAS is included in the price below , 65 kms away from Flores – 2 hours nonstop. 

Day 2

06:30 The day begins with breakfast and exploration of the nearby archaeological site, surveying its plazas and jungle-covered mounds. Climbing the tallest mound, the Devil’s Pyramid, provides a glimpse of the summits of  the temples of Tikal, 23 km to the East.

07:00 – 12:00   Head to El Yesal, a small jungle camp located deep in the forest, about midway between Zotz and Tikal  Noon:  Lunch along trail to Yesal. 

zots guatemala peten 04

15:30  Arrive at Yesal. The camp grounds include thatched roof bungalows to hang hammocks and mosquito nets, and a latrine.  After camp is set, we climb the hill just above the camp, for a view of the endless forest and the temples of Tikal in the horizon.

18:30  Dinner at El Yesal. After dinner, we relax and listen to the sounds of the jungle. We’ve even heard jaguars howling in the distance. 

zots guatemala peten 06

Day 3

06:30 Breakfast in El Yesal. 

07:00 Break camp and head for the final leg of our journey, through rolling terrain covered by tall primary forest. During this segment, no pack horses are available, so passengers have to carry their own packs. For this reason, we remind you to pack lightly.

Noon: Lunch in the rain forest.

14:00 pm  Arrival at Temple IV in the west of the restored area of the site.

If you wish to spend the night in Tikal, arrangements can be made through our office for reservations in a hotel in the park and a minibus back to Flores the next day.  If you would like to return to Flores in the evening, we can also arrange for a minibus to pick you up from Tikal. 

Return to FLORES.  Please ask us to reserve your return flight to Guatemala or Belize or bus ticket to Guatemala, Mexico etc !  (NOT INCLUDED) 

Our prices based on: ($)Per person    

 PaxPrice USD
GroupsOn request

Prices include:

Transportation from Flores to Cruce Dos Aguadas, Guide from the community, The meals: 2 dinners, 2 breakfasts, 3 picnics, drinking water , Lodging in camp (hammocks and mosquito-net) or tents with sleeping bags, as you want, Horses to transport luggage and camping materials

Prices do not include: 

Entrance fees in TIKAL, Horses to ride (available for $30 for the first 2 days) , Other drinks than water, Tips, night and meals in Tikal, transfer Tikal-Flores and insurance.

Horses to ride (available for $25 for the first 2 days), other drinks (sodas and beers available) ;  tips, night and meals in Tikal, transfer Tikal-Flores and insurance.

What to bring / wear: 

Hiking boots, long trousers, wind or rain jacket, sun block, sun glasses, camera, binoculars, torch 2 liters of water, extra clothing, big back pack, snacks, mosquito repellent.



Peten 03 October 2016

EL Mirador by Helicopter

More than 30 cities covered by the jungle are part of the Reino de la Serpiente “Snake Kingdom”, Dynasty that developed, established and governed in a society that had a writing system, mathematical, 
agricultural and astronomic, a millions of years earlier than known. Inside the jungle at 21,602 Km2 of the Reserva de la Biosfera Maya “Mayan Biosphere” we can watch two structures with names
El Tigre “The Tiger” and La Danta. Ubicated in the arqueological site El Mirador , considerated the  cradle of the Mayan Civilization and candidate to enter in the list of World Heritage by UNESCO.
La Danta (72 meters) with a volume of 2.800.000 m3, 200.000 m3 more than The Great Pyramid of Cheops in Egyt and El Tigre (55 meter) is the second more biggest in the area.
Our journey will take us to fly over the Mayan Biosphere, arriving at The Mirador, the visit during 4 hours, accompanied by a certificated guide. Depending the weather, we departing between 
7am – 10am to Flores Petén.


Peten 03 October 2016


crater azul 01

Located in the Refugio de Vida Silvestre El Pucte.
It is possible to see the water birth of crystalline and streams, where it is possible to swim and dive taking into consideration the recommendations for the protection of the site.

crater azul
We move overland to the southwest region of Petén, where a sailor will take you various kilometers to get into this protected area.
Transport, guides boats and entrance fees are included.


Peten 03 October 2016

Waterfall Peten

waterfall peten

On the southwest of Peten we will find beautiful waterfalls and natural pools with wonderful colors, all surrounded by lush vegetation & haven of biodiversity in the region. 
On this tour we will visit Las Pozas, Machaquila and Las Monjas.  This is a great option if you are in flores and you want to spend time and great waterfalls.
Transport, guide and entrances fee are included


Antigua Guatemala 01 August 2016

Coffee Tour Plantation FILADELFIA

Finca Filadelfia5
The farm’s most famous tour for more than 9 years, where visitors will learn about coffee from the plantation to the cup. Learn about the history, cultivation and processing of coffee on our farm, with over 130 years of tradition that dates made back to 1870.

On a walk will visit the nursery and planting coffee, then made a tour of the wet and drying yards, the dry mill and manual sorting area. Later visit the Tostaduría and packing area, closing with the cupping lab. The tour ends sipping a cup of the best coffee in the world occurred in Finca Filadelfia, the Genuine Antigua, in the preparation of your choice: American or Espresso.

Available: Everyday.
Pick up place: Convento de Las Capuchinas or San José El Viejo.
Departure time: 08:20 AM / 10:20 AM / 13:20 Hrs.
Tour duration: no more than 2 hours.
Includes: Full transportation, bilingual guide, a cup of coffee at the end of the tour.

Price per person: US$25.00 >No minimum of passengers.