Jungle Trip 7 Altares

This is a nice walk for about an hour to Seven Altares. The tour leaves from Livingston at 9:30 am.

We pass by the Catholic Church, the cemetery and the temple and the Garifuna community.

We then follow our route by the tropical forest until running into the river water filled with crabs, called by its habitants crustaceans, cross part of it in a boat to reach the waterspouts of the Quehueche river to land on the coast. Here we will take a rest where we will be able to take a bath in the calm and tempered water of the Caribbean.

Later we take a long walk along the beach until arriving at the altars. There are 7 steps through where the river is located and each of them creates a spectacular well of turquoise water. We stay here for a little while to take some pictures and a bath.

This tour is more than an activity or an eco-adventure, although the amount of effort depends on the tourist. You will get in touch with the Garifuna community. Finally, you will feel a disconnection of the rest world, a strong connection with nature and be able to relax with the different views and turquoises water cascades!

What to bring: Camera and/or disposable camera, sunscreen, bathing suit, cap or hat, repellent against insects, shoes for long walk or light sandals, binoculars if desired.


Availability Every day
Departure point Your hotel/address in Livingston
Departure time 09:30 am
Price On request

On request