Panajachel 25 July 2016


Atitlan’s coffee has a unique taste, where the crop is organic and has quality. From Panajachel we will move to San Juan la Laguna by boat, and there we’ll visit and learn about the process of the coffee, from the sowing to the harvest’s consume.  

At the end of the tour we will delight in a coffee cup from this place to return to Panajachel.

Leaves every day at 8am

Minimum 2 persons

US $55 per person




Panajachel 25 July 2016



Begins in Panajachel, have a unique experience browsing in Lake Atitlan’s waters, our tour will be to Santa Catarina Palopó, where you will enjoy of a refreshing bath at the lake. Tour takes 3 hours kayaking. Also we can extend for one hour more to can visit San Antonio Palopo.

Leaves every day at 8am

Minimum 2 persons

US $55.00 per person 3 hours

US $65.00 per person 4 hours


Panajachel 25 July 2016


We get to San Pedro la Laguna in boat, where our horse tour will start; we’ll ride by San Pedro’s streets so we can get to the natural trails and ride in the mountains between coffee plantations. At least we will ride for three hours, which will take us to Playa Dorada, a good place to take a bath or just enjoy the perfect view and relax by the Lake Atitlan’s shore.  After this experience, we will return to the town so we can move to Panajachel.

Leaves every day at 8am

Minimum 2 persons

US $45.00 per person (local guide)

US $65.00 per person (bilingual guide) 


Panajachel 24 July 2016


Santa Cruz La Laguna 77458

From Panajachel we move to Sololá and then to San José Chacayá pacific towns where they dedicate to agriculture, from there we start walking and appreciating the beauty of Lake Atitlan, a treck in decline and delight in beauty of nature from the places around, by a total of 4 hours walking.

 santa cruz la laguna lake atitlan western highlands guatemala central america

Leaves every day at 8am

Minimum 2 persons

US $50.00 per person


Panajachel 24 July 2016


Enjoy the emotion that Lake Atitlan offers you, a bike adventure by the green mountains that circulate the Atitlan towns

Route 1

The tour starts in Panajachel, directly on a mountain tour to the villages of Santa Catarina Palopo, San Antonio Palopo, Agua Escondida, Godinez; down to Mirador Montenegro where you will have a magnific view to the nearest towns and of course, to the Lake Atitlan. After that we’ll descend to San Andres Semetabaj and finish in Panajachel.

6 hours biking between dirt and pavement road with a total of 35kms. Leaves every day at 8am Minimum 2 persons US $60.00 per person

Route 2

We will move in boat to Tzununa were our bike tour will begin, between trails and mountains enjoying the view of Lake Atitlan, but also you’ll have a chance to see the camp work from the indigenous people of those places, for the tour we will count with the towns of San Marcos la Laguna, San Pablo la Laguna, San Juan la Laguna, finishing in San Pedro la Laguna. After the tour we will return in boat to Panajachel.

Leaves every day at 8am Minimum 2 persons US $60.00 per person.




Quetzaltenango 11 July 2016

Cultural Walking Tour

Discover the "Ciudad de los Altos" through this walking tour of about two hours, to admire the beauty of its buildings and architecture. An expert guide is going to explain you everything you want to learn about the history and culture of the second most important city in Guatemala.


Availability Every day
Departure times 09:00 am and 02:00 pm
Departure point Your hotel/address
Duration Approx. 2 hours
Price 30 USD p.p. - minimum 2 persons

Spanish-speaking guide

  Walking Tour
  Entrance fees

+10 USD per group for an English-speaking guide


Quetzaltenango 11 July 2016

Bike Tours

bike tours quetzaltenango

Route to San Andrés Xecúl (Level: medium)

It is a tour to the one of the most colorful church of the región, named San Andrés Xecul, you can watching the beautiful scenery of our beautiful Quetzaltenango because we take an alternate route, where you will find nature and people greet you with a big smile.

-Time 4 Hrs.

  • 1   PAX     $53
  • 2   PAXS   $40  p.p
  • 3   PAXS   $33  p.p
  • 4   PAXS ó más   $26 p.p

Route to Colonial Churches (Level: dificult)

Participate in a great tour to the most beautiful colonial churches in the region of Quetzaltenango. Architecture, religion and traditions are part of this tour through the towns and churches of San Andrés Xecul, Salcajá and San Cristóbal Totonicapán.

-Time 6 Hrs.

  • 1   PAX     $60
  • 2   PAXS   $46 p.p
  • 3   PAXS   $40 p.p.
  • 4   PAXS ó más   $33 p.p.  

Route to Fuentes Georginas (Level: advanced)

This is a great tour with a wonderful view, you go for a route where you can see how the extraordinary plantations adorn you around, when you arrive you can take a natural hot bath in Fuentes Georginas in Zunil to relax , and return in a private car to Quetzaltenango.

  • 1   PAX     $86 
  • 2   PAXS   $56 p.p 
  • 3   PAXS   $50 p.p  
  • 4   PAXS ó más   $46 p.p

Included: mountain bike, helmet head and a guide.

If you would a profesional route, you need to ask in our office to check disponibility and explain the route.

Any tour is best to do in the morning.





Quetzaltenango 11 July 2016

Cultural Tour with Tranvía de Los Altos

Discover the beauty of the buildings and streets of the "Ciudad de los Altos" by a tour through Tranvía de Los Altos.  Also, see a spectacular panoramic view of the second most important city in Guatemala from the viewpoint El Baúl.


Availability Every day
Departure times Every 2 hours starting from 08:00 am
Departure point Pasaje Enríquez
Duration Approx. 2 hours
Price 25 USD - minimum 2 persons

Tour in Tranvía de los Altos

  Local guide
+ 10 USD per group for an English-speaking guide
Quetzaltenango 11 July 2016

Horseback riding

Would you like to go for a ride? Saddle up for a horseback adventure in the Quetzaltenango valley!

Feel the magic of freedom and infinite space, the intense blue of the sky, the vertigo of the ravines with carpets of crops on the bottom, the surprise of the locals. We will ride from Salcajá to San Andres Xecul and for the experienced riders, we will return to Salcaja over a different trail! This tour is even for beginners and people with very little knowledge of horseback riding.


Availability Every day
Departure times 08:00 am and 02:00 pm
Departure point Your hotel/address
Duration Approx. 5 hours
Price 35 USD p.p. - minimum 2 persons

Return transport from Quetzaltenango

  Spanish-speaking guide


Treks 11 July 2016

Overnight trek from Quetzaltenango to lake Atitlan (San Pedro)

full moon trek 01

A physical demanding hike only for the real brave ones ... scheduled to leave Quetzaltenango at 19 hours every night. You will arrive next morning after about 10 hours at the most beautiful lake in the world.


Please be ready because you will be picked up at your hostal, hotel or homestay and brought in private mini van to the place where it all starts .. in the dark , from a small town XECAM near Cantel . If you want to avoid walking hungry , please have your dinner before.

20 pm > Under the full moon if there is a moon and no clouds , and of course if full moon ,  we will sing for you " la luna de Xelaju " second National hymn of Guatemala ,, start with about a two hour difficult climb up .

22 pm > Take a rest .. enjoy because this is a flat part .
22.20 pm > Don't think going down for the next two hours will be easy ... your knees will suffer !
00.30 am > Walk like an angel if your name is Elvis for about one hour , horrible flat !
01.30 am > How is your K'iche ? You arrive in a small little place called CHIRIJ XIMAI . Take a rest for about 30 minutes

full moon trek.

02.00 am > Do you hear the river Nahualate about two hours below ? You go down and down and further down from 2100 meters above sealevel to 1400 meters above sealevel at river level .
04.00 am > Enough going down , please wake up and move yourself for the next three hours to a top .. bring eggs to SANTA CLARA because you will arrive in her town .. SANTA CLARA LA LAGUNA ...
07.00 am > Cook your eggs for breakfast in Santa Clara La Laguna
08.00 am > SAN PEDRO is waiting for you after one hour of walking down ...
09.00 am > You are at your destination . The Lake

You can stay here , cheap accommodation and lots of non-expensive drinks and other stuff or you can go to PANAJACHEL where your luggage will be waiting for you !

What to bring

Small backpack for raingear , snacks , water (about 4 liters) , flashlight , toilet paper , sun cream and blocker , insect repellent / Good walking boots / hat or cap.

BEST not to bring > personal documents , to much luggage , alcoholic drinks , your mother in law .
Duration of the trip : between 10 and 12 hours

Walking distance : about 47 kms ( 30 miles )


1 pax $150 usd 

2 pax $85 usd p. p

3 pax $70 usd p. p

Groups (4 or more) > ask for special price


 - Transfer from your hotel or home to XECAM , the starting point
 - Guide (monolingual Spanish but on request available English/Spanish speaking )
 - Breakfast in Santa Clara
 - Entrance fees to go down from the noise of the Indian
 - Transport of your luggage from Quetzaltenango to Panajachel (to our office)

 HIKE DURING THE NIGHT (any night) from QUETZALTENANGO (Xela) to SAN PEDRO (Lake Atitlan)