Community Tourism

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Quetzaltenango (1) - Lake Atitlan (2) - Alta Verapaz (3) - Petén (4)

Why is it, that you really want to come to Guatemala? To see the country or to experience the country? With community tourism, we are trying to help communities receive a little bit more of income. Besides that, it gives the tourist a real opportunity to experience the lives of Guatemalan people and see how they go on with their day. You'll be seeing how they gain their income and how they fight everyday to maintain their families. Best thing is that it is guilt-free, you are not going to a zoo, the money you spend on the tour goes for the most part directly to the community and benefits them.

Convinced? Below, you can find some examples of proyects you can participate in. Do you want something out of the box? Contact us and maybe we can arrange the experience that suits you the best!