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In search for the biggest pyramid in the anciat Mayan World, La Danta (El Mirador). The trips to El Mirador and surrounding archaeological sites can be made in five to seven days, depending on the amount of time and energy of the participants.

Our tours are organized by the Tourism Commission of the Carmelita Community that is made up of community tourism guides that are accredited by INGUAT (Guatemalan Tourism Institute).

Unparalleled adventures in the jungle

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As well as possessing an abundance of first-hand experience and knowledge about the jungle and its animals, the guides have been trained by archaeologists of the Project El Mirador to provide up to date information about the archaeological sites that are visited.Due to the unique features of this tour, it is necessary that participants are in good physical condition and are able to walk between five and six hours a day.

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Description of the tour:

Our tours offer you the unparalleled opportunity of visiting the archaeological site El Mirador, the cradle of the Mayan culture, and to explore the tropical forest of Guatemala, the heart of the Mayan jungle.

During the tour you will visit and explore various archaeological sites including several with monumental dimensions such as Tintal and Nakbé, the oldest site of the Mayan world discovered to date. With the help of the guide, visitors can follow the tracks and with a little luck, see birds, reptiles and mammals such as the pecarí (wild boar), tapir and various felines such as the majestic jaguar.

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The adventure also offers the opportunity of living with the people of Carmelita – a community established more than 100 years ago in Petén and with a long forest history that has allowed the people to accumulate a wide understanding of the forest, the chicle tree, the xate plant and other medicinal plants.

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At night you will stay in chiclero camps, the camps where the chicle-tree workers live, along with the sounds of the tropical forest.

Our services include:

Food and filtered water during the whole trip
Spanish-speaking Community Tourist Guides accredited by INGUAT with experience in the jungle

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  • Trained cooks
  • Pack mules
  • Camping equipment: hammocks with mosquito nets and/or tents with sleeping bags
  • First aid kit and antiofidic serum
  • You will need to bring
  • Suitable walking shoes
  • Insect repellent
  • Rain-coat
  • Lanterns
  • Personal prescription medicine
  • Hat or cap
  • Personal hygiene products

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Cool pants (no jeans), long-sleeved shirts or blouses in light colors, raincoat, lightweight but strong shoes or boots, repellent against ticks, hat, binoculars, flashlight with extra batteries, water bottle, backpack small to wear during the walk, soft socks (at least to change every day), camera, knife, plastic bags to put your dry clothes in your backpack (in case of rain), personal medications.

For a small additional cost , you can start also in Quetzaltenango , Panajachel , Antigua or Guatemala city the day Before.