Tz´utujil Family in San Juan La Laguna, Sololá.

San Juan La Laguna is situated in a majestic landscape of mountains and hills, close to Lake Atitlán and its volcanoes, and close to the famous hill Cerro Rostro Maya (The Face of the Indian) which solemnly overlooks the lake. The hill is named after its silhouette, which has the shape of a person looking towards heaven. During the wet season this rocky mountain is colored all shades of green, and during the dry season it has a more brownish tone.
Accommodation Services
Stay with a Guatemalan family in San Juan La Laguna, learn about their traditions and customs, and immerse yourself in the Mayan culture.

Mayan Family in San Jorge la Laguna, Sololá

Mayan Home Stays has started this home stay program in the village of San Jorge la Laguna to give something back to the communities around Lake Atitlan, and also to give you a very genuine experience of living with a Maya local family to experience their culture and customs.
Meals will be prepared at home by the mother of the family and you will have the opportunity to enjoy breakfast and dinner with them at their home.

Quiche family, in Totonicapan

Enjoy this great experience with a Guatemalan family in Totonicapán! Stay with us and learn all about our beautiful & colorful culture, our amazing traditions and craft workshops. Staying with a warm and welcoming, Guatemalan family in Totonicapán is a great and rich adventure that makes your time in Guatemala even more fulfilling.
In Totonicapán we have a large number of artisan workshops that elaborate a wide range of artistic and utilitarian objects, such as woven fabrics, Christmas wax figurines, boxes and wooden toys, furniture, leather goods and tinplate. For the manufacturing of these products we use techniques and instruments that we inherited from our Mayan and Spanish ancestors.

Local family in Quetzaltenango

Staying with a Guatemalan family in Quetzaltenango will give you the chance to learn first-hand about Guatemalan life in the second biggest city of the country. Our families provide a private room, three meals a day, Wi-Fi, and hot water.
They can accommodate vegetarians, vegans and people with food allergies. In most of the houses, the bathroom will be shared. All the families live in the city center of Quetzaltenango.

Mam Family in Concepcion Chiquirrichapa, Quetzaltenango

Concepción Chiquirichapa is a municipality that proudly preserves its traditions and cultural identity. Almost all of its population is Mayan and descends from the town of Mam; the majority of the inhabitants are bilingual, speaking the languages Mam and Spanish. The families mostly work in the fabrication of artisans, which forms the most important economic activity of the population. The second most important economic activity comes from the numerous midwives who serve the population of Concepción Chiquirrichapa.

Family in Aguacantán, Huehuetenango.

Join this beautiful experience with a local family from Huehuetenango that preserves many unique characteristics, the majority of the inhabitants speaking five dialects: Awakateko, Chalchiteko, Mam, Kiche and Spanish
Aguacatán is a site with families who work the land based on the phases of the moon, with respect for Mother Nature. They are warm families who are open to share their world with you.

Mam Family in Todos Santos

The people Todos Santos Cuchumatán, Guatemala are known for their warm character. The kitchen is the center of family life, with the wife’s cooking the most delicious meals. Staying with a Guatemalan family in Todos Santos will give you the chance to learn first-hand about life in this beautiful, indigenous village. Our families provide a private room and three meals a day.
They can accommodate vegetarians, vegans and people with food allergies.