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Day 1. Guatemala City.

Transfer from the International Airport “La Aurora” to your hotel in Guatemala City. After check in takes a tour to the archaeological site of Kaminaljuyu a Mayan city that was occupied for longer throughout Mesoamerica. Plan A: Hotel Westin Camino Real. / Plan B: Hotel Princess. / Plan C: Posada Los Volcanos.

Day 2. Guatemala City - Antigua Guatemala

Transfer from Guatemala City to Antigua Guatemala, before arriving in Antigua Guatemala is the visit to the ruins of Old Resume guided by a Mayan spiritual leader who will explain the meaning of this place for the Maya worldview. This site surrounded by vegetation, it also contains pyramids, observatories and ball games. By following the road to Antigua Guatemala you will find that the city is surrounded by volcanoes which are considered sacred by the Maya as the living creatures believe that can be used to communicate with spirits and ancestors. Plan A: Hotel Camino Real Antigua. / Plan B: Hotel Las Farolas / Plan C: Posada La Merced.

Day 3. Agua Volcano: (optional)

Transfer to Santa Maria de Jesus, this small town is located on the slopes of Volcan de Agua, this is an indigenous town that keeps its traditions as seen in the dress of women. After making the trek to the summit of the volcano (3,765 m) begins the descent to have lunch in the town to be prepared by indigenous women. The volcano is called Ajpu by locals and say it is one of the divine twins first demigod described in the Popol Vuh. Plan A: Hotel Camino Real Antigua. / Plan B: Hotel Las Frolas. / Plan C: Posada La Merced

Day 4. Antigua Guatemala - Tecpan

Morning visit to the towns of San Andres and San Juan Comalapa Itzapa, direct descendants of the Kakchiquel. The villages are visited always accompanied by local guides to teach them the sights as craft workshops as well as religious sites where they can find Maximón the patron saint of devotion of the Maya is a syncretism between Catholicism and Mayan cosmology. Plan A, B, C: Finca San Ricardo, Tecpan.

Day 5. tecpan - Chichicastenango:

After breakfast visit the Mayan ruins of Iximche (Tree Corn). After visiting the ruins of the ancient capital of the kingdom Kakchiquel which was invaded, conquered and occupied by the Spanish, were celebrated with a ceremony Mayan spiritual leader of power, justice, stability and harmony. In the afternoon transfer to Chichicastenan-go visit the museum where Rossbach, the ceremonial center Pascual Abaj and the Church of Santo Tomas where it shows once again the beliefs mixture since it has 18 steps representing 18 months of the Mayan calendar. In this church where he was discovered by first time the Popol Vuh. Plan A: Hotel Santo Tomas. / Plan B: Hotel Chigüila. / Plan C: Chalet Hotel.

Day 6. Chichicastenango - Lake Atitlan (Panajachel): (day Thursday or Sunday) Morning visit the most famous and colorful market of Guatemala, to see all the artisans sell their products, then make a small hike to the small community of Pajuliboy to enjoy the beautiful waterfall you have. After lunch transfer to Panajachel the largest town around Lake Atitlan. Plan A: Hotel Atitlan. / Plan B: Hotel Jardines del Lago / Plan C: Marios Rooms (three nights)

Day 7. Lake Atitlan: Morning boat tour to visit villages around Lake Atitlan, the first stop will be in Santiago Atitlan village which is inhabited by Tzutujiles (Spanish allies to invade Iximche) which is inhabited since 1,250, also made a visit to the Mayan ruins of Chuitinamit which was the capital of the Tzutujiles.La next stop of the day will be in San Juan La Laguna one of the most indigenous people around the lake, the rest of the afternoon was used oars to visit women’s associations indirectly are dedicated to tourism, maintaining a garden of medicinal plants, fabric stores and paint shops. Return to the hotel in Panajachel

Day 8. Peter volcano: (optional) Hiking San Pedro Volcano (Volcano # 4) 3020msnm. Upon reaching the top of the volcano will discover one of the most breathtaking views of Lake Atitlan, the world’s cutest. The walk takes approximately 06 hours. Free afternoon. Plan A: Hotel Atitlan. / Plan B: Hotel Villa Santa Catarina. / Plan C: Posada los Volcanes.

Day 9 Lake Atitlan (Panajachel) - Quetzaltenango: From Panajachel travel to Quetzaltenango, discovering the altiplano of Guatemala. On the way visit Xecul Salcajá and San Andrés, indigenous people and places with beautiful colonial churches. In the afternoon visit the historic center of Quetzaltenango on a tram. Plan A: Hotel Casa Manen. / Plan B: Hotel Modelo. / Plan C: Hotel Los Olivos

Day 10 Quetzaltenango - Huehuetenango: Morning visit to the library Ixmucané, and the Museum of Costume Ixkik Maya. This museum is an initiative of local women dedicated to renewing the value of the work of the weavers and the symbolic content of the Mayan world in clothing. They themselves will give you a tour of the museum and information on tissues. After visits traditional lunch at a local restaurant. After lunch transfer to Huehuetenango. Plan A: Hotel Ruinas Zaculeu **** / Plan B: Hotel Casa Blanca. / Plan C: Hotel Zaculeu.

Day 11 Huehuetenango - all saints - Chiabal : Small tour in the central square to visit the Catholic Church, the central theater and the house of culture. After the visit transfer to Zaculeu , which is a center of Mayan ruins which was the capital of the Mam kingdom , and is regarded as one of the most important archaeological sites of the post- Classic Maya . It will see the temples , plazas and air to practice anti - guo ballgame . Also on this site are the temascales believed helped purify the bodies and spirits of the leaders before their respective ceremonies. After the visit to Zaculeu is continued the road to Todos Santos Cuchumatan visit all the stores give craft found there where also a video will be presented showing the history of the people and therefore their traditions and customs. Next visit to the museum of “Culture of Balam “ his own “ Don Fortunato “ who has collected a lot of items in your life, every day was collecting items such as shoes, traditional costumes , traditional dances , masks Ceramic , including food preparation utensils , musical instruments and photographs taken by “ Hans Namuth “ , his collection shows the evolution of the people from the time of his grandparents until today . The journey continues towards Chiabal , a community of origin located 17 kilometers Mam de Todos Santos to spend the night in the family households that are members of the Association of Cuchuma - utans ( ASOCUCH ) who will share their food and give a very good and unique experience in a native cultural environment . Here you will learn about the way of life of these people. The community of Chiabal is surrounded by nature , and there are women knitting sitting outside their adobe houses . Plan A, B and C : Accommodation with families in the community

Day 12. Chiabal - Chajul : Breakfast will be at 7:30 am . With families in their homes. ASOCUCH The guide will take the group to the top of the mountain so they can enjoy the spectacular view of the forest reserve Cuchumatan Todos Santos . The day will continue to Chiantla to make a short trip and visit the church built between 1722 and 1723 . Exposed is the image of the Virgin of Candelaria which is visited by pilgrims from all over the region. Then we went to the Ixil region in the territorial department of Quiche composed Nebaj , Chajul and Cotzal . Chajul is the most important place in the Ixil triangle about Mayan history is concerned, archaeological ceramic artifacts found , they assume that this region has been occupied since the alternating current of the second century . Another story to be told is that these communities were severely affected during the civil war that ended with the singing of the peace accords in December 1996 . The people were forced to choose between supporting national government or armed guerrillas . “ Scorched Earth “ polarized the population policy and initiated a massive displacement of population caused the destruction of communities. The Ixil region still retains its rich culture and traditions. The costume is one of the features that remain intact and is considered as a perfect blend of history and tradition. During most of the nineteenth century there was no people Ladino (the meaning of non-indigenous , or often a mixture of diff - erent cultures ) and only at the beginning of the twentieth century it became Ladino families moving to the area . Plan A, B and C : Posada Vetz K’aol .

Day 13 Chajul - Uspantan: Breakfast will be at 8:00 am at the Inn. After breakfast transfer to Nebaj where accompanied by a local guide Ixil Maya visit the Museum and House of Culture, here you will find exposed ceramic vases, rocks, historical documents, clothing, and an urn with the remains of victims of the civil war, weapons and other items. Then follow Tzich’el, a waterfall that is located in San Juan Cotzal. Also visit the Catholic Church which has cross route onto the horrors of civil war. Lunch is in the Ixil cultural center in Nebaj Handicraft Market, prepared by members of the Ixil Maya Center. In the afternoon transfer to Uspantan for dinner at the restaurant “El Golazo”. Plan A, B and C: Hotel La Uspanteka.

Day 14. Uspantan - Coban : Uspantan Tour after breakfast , according to historians Uspantan inhabitants have their origins in the pre-classical period . In 1530 they were conquered by the Spanish , making the last groups to be conquered , along Ixil characters . In Uspantán a tour guide Chajul Market premises to which a member of the Association of Tourism Uspantán (ACAT ) will guide the group through an hour at the caves of Peña Flor. On the Road may see turtles , armadillos , and you can hear the birds singing . You can see archaeological remains and the area -so famo Maya ballgame . At the end of the ride known “ Flower Rock “ covered grotto of moss and orchids, where beautiful waterfalls south - gene , then visit Maya Poqomchi kitchen to enjoy a local lunch known as saquiik ( a soup made of corn, chile and meat turkey), accompanied by a presentation -do children play marimba. After lunch visit the community museum and craft shops . After the visit we continue the road to Coban. Plan A: Park Hotel. Plan B : Hotel Casa Duranta . Plan C : Pension Monja Blanca.

Day 15Coban - St. John Chamelco - Coban:

In the morning, start the tour with a visit to the Coffee Cooperative and also some tea plantations in this region also hear the story of Chief of Chiefs (Chief of Chiefs) who is the only Indian ruler according to history retained its political power to negotiate with the peaceful entry to Spanish territory. In the afternoon we will tour the city of Coban this city was declared as “Imperial City” by the King of Spain Carlos V, here we will visit the Museum of Mayan prince and the Museum of History of Alta Verapaz. Finally, visit the Calvary Church which was built in the year of 1,810. Plan A: Park Hotel. Plan B: Hotel Casa Duranta Plan C: Pension Monja Blanca.

Day 16 Coban - Semuc Champey - lanquin - Coban : Full day tour started the journey to Semuc Champey , also known as the Eighth Wonder no exaggeration is one of natures most beautiful wonders of Guatemala ; holes are formed in a limestone pools that are fed by currents Cahabón River . This site has special significance for the Maya worldview because of its abundance of flora and fauna , the connection between man and the forces and the spirits of nature , teaching to treat it with the respect for balance . Here you can enjoy a traditional lunch. Lu -zo After visiting the caves of Lanquin , a site sacred to the Mayans they believed was inhabited by the Chacs , the gods of rain, nawal -ws of the four directions and the four colors of the Maya worldview : red , black , white and yellow. These caves contained in the Popol Vuh as the entrance to Xibalba , the place of darkness and death , which had two main entrances : caves and water bodies . Plan A: Park Hotel. Plan B : Hotel Casa Duranta . Plan C : Pension Monja Blanca.

Day 17 Coban - Chisec : After breakfast, transfer to Chisec whose name has two interpretations : “ Instead of the knife “ or “place of the junk “ . In Chisec no evidence of Maya room surrounding areas that have been found. Only 200 meters above sea level begin an incredible adventure in the National Park of the Candelaria Caves National Park , one of the ways of Xibalba , here lies a mystical cave system are a sacred pilgrimage site for the descendants of the Maya , thought to be the entrance to the ham -pa where souls rest . These caves , as stated , were cultural and eco-tourism resort due to its rich flora , fauna and archaeological sites cos . In Candelaria Caves are visited the Security Window and the Dome of the Bats. The hike is high level of difficulty , walking about 3.4 miles in a time of 3 4-5 hours. Lunch at the park visitor center . After lunch enjoy a short break and continue throughout Muqbilja community . Here are the caves winding -called Dry and Mico , another way of Xibalba , whose name has special significance as it is considered the beginning of creation and the thread of time and life. Worship ceremonies are held here , and give you the great importance according to the Maya worldview . Transfer to the hotel. Plan A, B and C : Ecolodge Peña del Tigre.

Day 18 Chisec - Sayaxché - Flores Island: After breakfast boat trip to go Cancuén archaeological site, considered even in these days as sacred ceremonies are performed here, mainly to pray for the harvest of the maize planting. This city was ruled by Ak Chann Tah became a city of power for economic development and trade in the period-do of classic Maya. Here found various ornaments made of jade and quetzal feathers. Also found burials of kings and bookmarks to the old ball game as well as you can see a replica of a pre-Hispanic Mayan house and palaces that are currently under restoration. After the visi-ta continue the journey to the island of Flores. Plan A: Hotel Camino Real Petén. / Plan B: Hotel Villa Maya. / Plan C: Hotel Villa del Lago.

Day 19 Flores - Tikal National Park: Without doubt the Mayan site Tikal is quintessential its majestic temples and the vast expanse which owns it a mo-gar that can not be missed. Transfer from your hotel to the Tikal National Park where you can take a private tour with a private guide, which will visit: Complex Q, Temples I, II, III, IV, V, The Lost World and Central Square . Evening transfer to your hotel. Plan A: Jungle Lodge. / Plan B: Tikal Inn. / Plan C: Jaguar Inn

Day 20 Tikal National Park - Guatemala City: Tomorrow afternoon free to take a private transfer to the airport to return to the Mayan World Guatemala City and return to Antigua. Plan A: Hotel Westin Camino Real. Plan B: Hotel Princess. Plan C: Posa-gives the Volcanoes.

Day Day 21. Guatemala City: Transportation to the International Airport “La Aurora” INCLUDES: • Private transportation with bilingual guide and driver for 21 days of the itinerary. • Occupation of quarters for two, for 20 nights in mentioned hotels with breakfast. • Domestic flight between Guatemala City and Flores. • Tours as mentioned in the itinerary • 24 hour telephone support. NO

INCLUDES: • Personal expenses. • Tips for guides and drivers. • Inputs • Meals (except breakfast) • International airfare to Guatemala and Airport taxes. • Collect luggage and other extras not specified.
Price per person (in USD) Plan 02 Persons 04 Persons 06 Persons 08 Persons Plan A 4,885.00 4,187.00 3,700.00 3,627.00 Plan B 4,471.00 3,685.00 3,305.00 3,214.00 Plan C 3,746.00 2,890.00 2,440.00 2,369.00 Supplement for single room: Plan A: US$. 994 / Plan B: US$. 763 / Plan C: US$. 644 Prices not valid during Easter / Christmas and New Year. OPTIONAL COMBINATIONS: 5 Days Extra for the Walk to the archaeological site of Mirador. Tour of 01 days by helicopter to THE LOOKOUT Extra 3 Days to make the trek from El Zotz to Tikal. 5 Days Extra to relax on the beaches of the Keys of Belize.



1.         Copan (Honduras), Minimum of 1 night.
2.         The archaeological sites of Ceibal, Yaxha and Aguateca, Minimum of 1 night.
3.         EL ZOTZ expedition (3 days/2 nights)
4.         A few extra days to explore the unknown department of San Marcos with the QUETZAL REFUGE (birdwatching).
5.         We can organize a visit of 5 days/4 nights to the archaeological site of El Mirador or a helicopter tour for a minimum of 1 day
6.         An extension to the Belize Cayes. Minimum of 3 nights.
7.         Volunteer work in ARCAS or LEARN SPANISH (in ANTIGUA or Quetzaltenango) 


On agreement > 25 % / Two weeks before arrival 50 % / On arrival 25 %
Payment is possible by
-          Credit card (adding 7 %)
-          PAYPAL (adding 7 %)
-          Bank deposit (Guatemalan or European account) 


Cancelation two weeks or longer before arrival > full reimbursement less 50 US$ per person administration fee
Cancelation between two weeks and two days before arrival > We will reimburse 50 % of the value of the package
Cancelation between two days and arrival > No reimbursement 

Important notes >

Because we are a Human to Human Business (H2H) we only work personalized trying to find the best quality/price combination based on knowledge, experience and passion.  There are no – betweens – you are in touch directly with the local incoming tour operator. The first draft is completely free of charge and without any compromise, references about us through our customers available on the website and by request can be send. 
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