Tikal Two day (Low budget)

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You can visit Tikal on a day trip with a low budget.

Day 1

If you are in Antigua, you will be transported to the domestic airport in Guatemala city at 4:00 am (door to door) (**). If you are already in Guatemala city, there is no need for this, you can just take a taxi from the hotel. Ask the driver to bring you to the TAG TERMINAL / DOMESTIC AIRPORT (Avenida Hincapie).

The domestic flight leaves at 06.30 am and arrives at approximately 07.15 am. You will be picked up at 07:30 am in collective transport to go to Tikal. You will arrive at approximately 09:00 am. At 09:30 am, you will start the guided walking tour with a bilinguäl guide, it will last about 3,5 hours.

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After the included lunch, you will have a free afternoon in Tikal. At night, you will stay at one of the three hotels in the park (Tikal Inn, Jaguar Inn or Jungle Lodge). Enjoy the night with the sounds of the jungle.

Day 2

After the breakfast, which is also included, you will have some free time. Early in the morning, at 04:00 am, we can organise a sunrise tour for you, this is not included in the package.

Lunch is not included today and between 03:15 pm and 03:30 pm, you will be leaving to the airport of Flores where you will arrive around 05:00 pm. (***)

The flight leaves 06:30 pm and arrives in Guatemala around 07:15 pm. If you will be staying in Antigua, there is collective transport at 07:30 pm. (**) If you will be staying in Guatemala-City, you can just ask the people behind the TAG counter to call a taxi.

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(*) If flights leave late, we cannot be held responsible.
(**) Also availble in private (45 US$ for vehicle 1-3 persons)
(***) Also possible to stay in Flores and return the next day to Guatemala-City. You can decide in which hotel you stay and you can add the value of the hotel to the price.