The Green Trail of the Jaguar


It's a touristic trail that is located inside the Mayan Reserve in Petén. There is a mayor precense of jaguars and other species according to scientific studies. There exist as well archeological traces of the Maya culture.

The organization is a community project which realizes sustainable managing of natural resources. They have 65 860 hectares of forest. It benefits 196 associates.


Description of the tours:

We offer you a lot of flora and fauna. Obviously it will be an adventurous tour. One possible tour is 3 days and 2 nights long. It's a combination of archeology and nature. It's a train in which you could see the majestic jaguar. You can visit the camping Yeloch, the archeological sites El Pilar, Witzna and la Honradez. The trek is full of flora, fauna, archeology and colours that appear to be a real rainbow in the jungle. The trek starts and ends in Melchor de Mencos. Melchor de Mencos was founded in 26 april 2016.


Cool pants (no jeans), long-sleeved shirts or blouses in light colors, raincoat, lightweight but strong shoes or boots, repellent against ticks, hat, binoculars, flashlight with extra batteries, water bottle, backpack small to wear during the walk, soft socks (at least to change every day), camera, knife, plastic bags to put your dry clothes in your backpack (in case of rain), personal medications.